Amritha Scholastic Chess Academy

We help nurture and develop chess talent in kids

Genesis of an idea

Dear Parent,​

I am a chess master retired from competitive chess. Chess has enabled me to gain skills in a number of areas such as improving focus, strategy, planning, problem solving, analytical ability, sensing opportunities, making decisions, taking risks. This has helped me significantly in my academic education, business and at work.

​My current focus is to help nurture and develop chess talent in kids. Over the last couple of years, I have been on and off teaching chess to kids at home for free during weekends after my full time job. There has been a significant increase in the number of requests from parents to provide ongoing training for their kids on chess. To support this, Amritha Scholastic Chess Academy has been launched.

​My sincere thanks to my wife, son, daughter, my parents, friends, fellow parents such as yourself and well wishers who have constantly encouraged me to pursue this idea and make it a reality. Looking forward to your continued support, ongoing feedback and guidance.


Karthik Rangarajan

Founder - Amritha Scholastic Chess Academy

Our Vision

Today awareness and easy access to quality chess training and development for kids is still limited to a small group of chess-aware parents only. Our vision is to make continuous chess learning and development resources easily available to every kid starting early in their childhood.

Our Mission
Amritha Scholastic Chess Academy will provide a structured program for kids to support continuous learning and development in a vibrant, friendly environment enabling them to improve  their game step by step to the highest levels of proficiency. We will conduct classes at locations near residential communities within 10-15 mins commute in vibrant, safe, family friendly locations. We will start with classes for Beginner and Novice levels and then introduce advanced levels as we progress.

About The Founder
Karthik Rangarajan is the founder of Amritha Scholastic Chess Academy. He is a Senior Master with US Chess Federation with a rating of 2469 as of August 2015. He is a resident of Concord, NC and has lived in the Charlotte area for a number of years. 

Below are key highlights of his achievements in chess:

  • Currently the highest rated chess player in North Carolina state (Click here​
  • Two time India National chess champion (1993 U-14 and 1998 - U-20)
  • North Carolina state co-champion in 2004
  • Has won a number of competitive chess events throughout his chess career